Memorial Day Miami 2007

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Group of ladies walking on Ocean Drive

Memorial Day Miami also known as Urban Beach Week 2007 will be held May 25 – May 28, 2007 on the world famous Miami Beach, FL. Come down and mingle with beautiful people from all over the country and world. Last year over 350,000 people came and got wild!

South Beach's Ocean Drive Full Of People

Even though the majority of the action is on the streets, make sure you bring some cash with you because the clubs are pretty expensive during this time.  The crowd is laid back and the police presence is visible but they dont interfere with the activities because they are use to bigger crowds (unlike smaller cities).

Map Of Black Bike Week Area

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Map Of Riding and Parking Areas For Black Bike Week

Here is a Map Of Riding and Parking Areas For Black Bike Week during Black Bike Week.

Black Bike Week 2007 will be held Thursday May 24, 2007 to Monday May 28, 2007 ( Memorial Day )

Black Bike Week

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Its All About Riding At Black Bike Week In Myrtle Beach, SC

Black Bike Week takes place in Myrtle Beach, SC during Memorial Day Weekend annually. The event is all about riding motorcycles and getting to know other black people who ride. The atmosphere is similar to that off Black College Reunion in Daytona Beach, FL but the area covered is so large that in order to really experience it all you must have transportation.

This event has been suffering a decline in numbers partly because of the city of Myrtle Beach pulling away the red carpet. More people are opting to spend their time and money on South Beach for Memorial Day Miami.

Memorial Day Miami

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Two young ladies pose for the camera on South Beach's Ocean Drive during Memorial Day Miami 2006
South Beach (Miami Beach, FL) has become the place to be for Memorial Day for the hip urban crowd in recent years. Each year the crowds have grown. If you are fortunate enough to attend you will definitely run into hip hop recording artists, sports stars, Hollywood stars and load of beautiful people from all over the world.

The atmosphere is more laid back and casual than other events such as Black Bike Week or Black College Reunion. During Memorial Day Miami, the attendees tend to converse, party and have more of a mature attitude.

If you can make it, I suggest you come!

Black College Reunion: History

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Pretty young lady smiles for the camera

Black College Reunion began at Bethune-Cookman, where students in 1984 organized a spring party to celebrate their fall football rivalry with students at Florida A&M University. The event eventually grew to more than 150,000 students and was marred by controversy, including violence, discrimination and clashes with police.

In recent years, however, crowds have dropped, in part because of the growing popularity of other spring-break gathering places but also because of efforts by the city to control the drinking, loud music and massive traffic jams that used to characterize the event.

Streets packed with young black people having a good time

At its peak back In 2001, The Black College Reunion generated $145 million in economic activity for the Daytona Beach, Fla., region, according to an economist’s studies.

The three-day event, which brought as many as 100,000 spring breakers from historically Black colleges across the nation, also supported the equivalent of 3,500 year-round jobs, economist Mark Soskin said.

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