Mayor Derrick Henry – New Hope For BCR?

November 8, 2012 by  
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Picture of Derrick Henry, Mayor of Daytona Beach

Derrick Henry has become the second black mayor of Daytona Beach. Henry snagged 58 percent of the vote defeating Edith Shelley. Republican Shelley lost despite backing from several corporate sponsors including the International Speedway Corporation and outgoing Mayor, Glenn Ritchey. Shelley reportedly spent $93,000 on her campaign, while Henry a modest $53,000. Henry credits his victory to connecting with voters directly by going door-to-door.

Mayor Henry plans to run Daytona from “the ground up, not the top down.” Focusing on the “core of the city that’s been most neglected.”

Daytona’s recent mayors have all discouraged college students from visiting the city during spring break. Henry would like to see young visitors welcomed back, rather than just appealing only to families.

“I am also going to do whatever is necessary to make African-Americans feel welcome in the city and that includes the students.”

“If someone wants to promote events geared to Black students and spring break events, I want to help create an environment to make it happen.”

“My point is it is not my job to set the agenda to say who comes to the city. We should be big enough to welcome everyone.”

“I am not throwing out things that made us successful.” – Mayor Derrick Henry

All encouraging words to college students and those who loved attending Black College Reunion in the past.