Rumor: BET Spring Bling back to Daytona?

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BET's Spring Bling 2010

The BCR crew are back in the building ready to bring you the hot news for 2010’s spring break season! Last year saw crowd reductions at all major events… This year the crowd totals should start to bounce back. On that note: I got an email asking if its true that BET will be bringing their Spring Bling concert back to Daytona. The short answer: I don’t know. The long answer: Sadly, the internet makes it really easy for people to fabricate stories without consequence. I believe shady promoters do this to make a quick dollar, but hey… I can’t say for sure. I do have a contact at BET and I will correspond with her tomorrow and see what she says. For the last couple of years BET has held it’s Spring Bling concert in Riviera Beach, FL. Based on crowd size and accommodations in the area I would not be surprised if they chose a more ‘commercial’ or ‘happening’ spot. Daytona has history no doubt, but the final say so on this issue is in the hands of BET.

Stay tuned, I will update you as soon as I hear something.

Things you should know about BET’s Spring Bling 2008

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BET's Spring Bling 2008
Christina Milian Performing During BET’s Spring Bling 2007

Things you should know about Spring Bling 2008: (as of Feb. 24, 2008)

1. The artists who will perform have not been announced yet.

2. Spring Bling audience tickets are FREE. I will update you on how to get them when it is announced by BET.

3. BE CAREFUL signing up for ‘package deals’ for Spring Bling 2008 offering VIP parties, backstage passes, etc. I would not trust any email I got from out of the blue promising these things unless it came straight from B.E.T. Some may be legit, but its better to be safe than sorry. Imagine sending off your money and never hearing from these people again. Use good judgement.

Make sure you bookmark the site for the latest info as it becomes available.

BET’s Spring Bling 2008 – March 28 – 30, 2008

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BET's Spring Bling 2008 - March 28 - 30, 2008

For the second straight year, Spring Bling is returning to the sandy beaches of Singer Island.

The three-day television production features hip-hop and R&B artists and bikini-clad college students. Unlike last year, Spring Bling is getting a warmer welcome.

Chuck Elderd, film commissioner with the Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission, worked to get the city a $75,000 grant from the county’s Tourist Development Council. The grant was critical to the city supporting BET’s return to cover expenses such as transportation and police overtime.

Mayor Thomas Masters welcomed BET’s return. Spring Bling can only enhance the city’s image, he said.

“We are pleased to have another opportunity to showcase the city’s magnificent beach to the world through BET,” Masters said in a release announcing BET’s return. “I am also pleased that young adult students in the city of Riviera Beach are able to actually see in person many of the BET professionals they have enjoyed on television.”

The collaborative effort, which also included a personal invitation from county Commissioner Addie Greene to Debra Lee, BET’s CEO, helped close the deal. According to the contract, the event is scheduled for March 28-30.

So far, the performers have not been announced. Spring Bling 2008 will air on BET in April.