Kappa / Texas Beach Party 2009 DEAD

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Kappa/Texas Beach Party 2009

We have been receiving questions regarding this event and I am sorry to tell you it is officially dead.

Last year (2008) Galveston promoter Tim Day officially canceled the event a few days before it was scheduled to begin. Citing he wanted the young people to focus on job opportunities.

This year there has been no buzz or mention of this event from promoters.

Normally this event takes place the same weekend as Black College Reunion in Daytona Beach, FL.

Texas Beach Party Called Off

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Texas Beach Party Called Off
This event is also known as Kappa Beach Party or Kappa Beach Fest

GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) — It’s a party that used to draw thousands of people to Galveston Island. Now, “Galveston Beach Party” has been called off. When I started covering this event 20 years ago, traffic was so bad you could hardly get on the island. Today there is hardly any sign the event is coming. The city of Galveston put out barricades just in case of big crowds, saying that a cancelled Beach Party weekend does not cancel its responsibility for public safety. “We are definitely providing public safety, sanitation and refuse,” said city spokesperson Alicia Cahill.

Source: http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/local&id=6085620

Texas (Kappa) Beach Party 2008 Dates

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Texas Beach Party 2008 Dates

The scheduled dates for Texas Beach Party a/k/a Kappa Beach Fest is April 18 – 20, 2008. This is the second year in a row that they havent scheduled this event the same weekend as Black Spring Break in Daytona. Thats good for those who want to attend both events.

Texas Beach Party 2007 – Its a Wrap!

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Welcome To Houston

To reach Galveston (by plane) you have to fly into a major airport in Houston, like (IAH) Bush Airport. From Houston its about a 70 mile trek south on I-45 to reach Galveston.

East Beach, Galveston, TX

I was under the impression that all of the action was on East Beach (the southern tip of the Seawall), but there was nothing going on down there. The main area of cars and people were along the Seawall from 5th Street to 45th Street.

Texas Pride

Texas Beach Party Pics

Texas Beach Party Pics

Texas pride is thick here, everyone loves to represent their hometown with hand signs, music, cars and bikes.

Ready Rock Bikers From Arkansas

Several biker groups – Ready Rock Bikers (AR), Ice Cold Riders, Triangle Riders (TX) and Ruff Ryders were representing.

The crowd came to have a good time and they did. The police presence were minimal, although some did get tickets for traffic infractions. Overall the event went down without any major incidents.

For a good meal I highly recommend Landy’s Seafood House, located on the 5400 block of the Seawall. Good Food and excellent service!

Kappa / Texas Beach Party 2007 Info & Weather Outlook

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Kappa / Texas Beach Party is not a city-sponsored event, however the city does provide:

· Public Safety

· Traffic Control

· Sanitation

· Code Enforcement

· Emergency Medical Services

· Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

he Emergency Operations Center will open for Beach Party Weekend to field information calls from residents and visitors. Please call (409) 765-3710 for questions pertaining to traffic control, sanitation, code enforcement, and other city services. Please call 9-1-1 in case of emergency.

Traffic Plan

Barricades will be distributed prior to the event along Broadway, as a precautionary measure only. The city does not plan to set them out unless we are faced with a situation requiring substantial traffic control.

There will not be a contra flow lane on Broadway. There will be two-way traffic on Broadway and on Seawall.

There will be no parking from 14th Street east to Boddecker Drive on Seawall, both north and south sides, from 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 20 through 12:00 a.m. Monday, April 23, 2007.

On the Seawall, there will be no parking after 2:00 a.m., from 14th Street west to 53rd Street, both north and south sides. This measure will allow crews from Public Works to clean up Seawall.


Weather Outlook For Kappa / Texas Beach Party
As you know Kappa / Texas Beach Party starts tommorrow and the weather looks good.

See you on the strip!

Kappa Beach Party 2007 – Galveston, TX – April 20 – 22

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City Of Galveston, TX

This event goes by a few names: Kappa Beach Party, Kappa Beach Fest or Texas Beach Party. Kappa has been around for 22 years now! Kappa was the second largest black spring break event in the U.S. (BCR is the largest). In recentl year (post 9-11), the crowds have gotten smaller, but those who do make the trip have a good time.

If you are planning to attend you should pick a hotel on or near Seawall Strip on East Beach.

Step shows, concerts, car shows and walking the strip is whats up during this event.