Black Bike Week 2008 Was Great!

May 29, 2008 by  
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Riding Out During Black Bike Week

I just recovered from the non-stop party called Memorial Day Weekend. Me and the crew started out by flying out to Myrtle Beach. Once we touched down we headed straight for Ocean Blvd. and walked for miles! Im surprised I didnt end up with blisters from all of the footwork I put in. The ladies were nice and plentiful. I will admit that was the largest crowd I’ve experienced since I started attending years ago.

As a bonus, I had a nice convo with a couple lovely ladies from Alabama who work for Honda.

Ladies On South Beach

After a couple days in Myrtle Beach, we got back on a plane and headed down to South Beach to catch some of the action Ocean Drive. Once again, our feet hit the pavement and put in more miles! We met quite a few pro sports players, actors, rappers and producers. It seemed like everyone was on the beach this year. The ladies were looking delicious as always.

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