Black College Reunion 2009 Recap

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As was expected, the crowd for BCR 2009 was extremely light. I was happy to see first time visitors like Shawna Mitchell from FAMU having a good time. “We came down to see what we was missing. Me and my (six) friends are looking for the parties!” Their enthusiasm was a welcomed site.

During my walks up and down Atlantic Avenue I met visitors from FAMU, Florida State, Jackson State, University of Miami, Florida Memorial, Texas Woman’s University, University of South Florida, Fort Valley State and Morris Brown. Families dominated the landscape as was the case in 2008. The hotel managers I talked with admitted their revenues from this event has all but dried up.

The weather was a factor once again this year, just as in 2008. “I would like to see this event pushed back a little further into April so we can get in the water.” says Nicole Chance from Tallahassee. She makes a valid point, scheduling dates in mid April makes a lot more sense. There would be less of a chance for cold temperatures and a little rain would be welcomed to help visitors cool off.

In order for this event to regain some momentum artists, vendors, promoters, event coordinators and the City of Daytona must be on the same page. There will be a new section added to the site to help this process. Stay tuned for more information on that.

I will be also adding a gallery section to showcase pictures from this year and past BCR events. If you would like to contribute, feel free to submit your pictures using this form.


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  1. randomguy says:

    i spoke with a few people there and they said basically the police killed the event. people have gotten so tired of dealing with them and being harrased by them that they’ve decided not to come anymore.

    i was on the strip all day and besides the cars, it was pretty dead out there. nothing crazy was going on. just a regular busy saturday in daytona.